Friday, June 5, 2009

Two months???

Has it already been two months? I cannot believe it, so much has happened in that time and no time to share it unless you witness it for yourself.

Payton played soccer for the first time but had to miss quite a few games due to pneumonia

Daniel played flag football too and his team is in the playoffs and was in his first major role in his school play,

in May had 2 foot of rain fall from the sky in a few day period, putting part of the city under water. Thankfully we live on a hill up from the river but the end of the street was a pool!

found out new baby will be here in November and we will find out what it is June 19th.

Daniel graduated the Fire Academy, and both his state EMT and Fire Exams. Now he is applying for a job everywhere a fire house exists.
Isaac is turning into such a toddler boy that it blows my mind he's 18 months old; laughing, clapping himself on, playing peek a boo by hiding around corners or even behind things you can completely see through, climbing onto chairs and stools, and learning so much more even quicker (like how to clean up toys and even laundry :). We leave in two days to go to Louisville for a week, which should be more fun now he is mobile. At the same time Im dreading the plane ride, yes, because he is mobile.

I cannot imagine what life is like with 4 kids but it shouldn't be bad with the 2 older boys to help. They have done so much in helping with Isaac, whether its feeding him, reading to him, playing with him, helping in the car while Im driving, or just loving on him. With the birth of another one, I pray this solidifies our family even further.