Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tis the Birthday Season

Here in our house 3/5 of the birthdays fall within 3 weeks of one another, which is only 3 weeks after Christmas! Its been pretty busy planning parties, presents, making icecream cakes, and not forgetting to invite people to the party (yes its true :) (thanks to Kurt and Margaret who made it with only an hours notice).

Little Daniel turned 10 on January 14th, and i don't have many pictures yet because they are on my mother in laws camera since we could not find our battery charger and both the battery packs were dead. I do have pictures of the Ice cream cupcake cones he took to school though, the kids were stumped how I got the cake in the cone :) If you want to try it, look on the sides of Keeblers ice cream cone box. The tricky thing was figuring out how to get them to school and not tip over. It took quite some time but i turned a Bealls box into a means of transportting 24 cup cake cones to school with no spills!!!

I turned 30 on February 1st, yes Super Bowl Sunday. Used to always be the week before when I was growing up, now it lands on my birthday week. We had to have the party for Payton that day because this was our weekend to have him and his Dad was in school all day on the 31st. We also celebrated Paytons birthday buddy, his Uncle Erik, who turned 34 on Paytons birthday. Linda brought over some decorations she had and all the kids got to decorate their own cookies.
Paytons birthday was Thursday February 5th, and believe it or not both he and his teacher FORGOT to eat the cupcakes before the bell rang that day :) so they enjoyed them that Friday instead. Nothing beats celebrating your birthday 2 day in a row, ya know?
The really cool thing is the monthly skating fundraiser for their school was that night, so they announced his birthday over the loudspeaker. It was a fun night...even though I fell when going to fast skating backwards, im okay :) This was Alex's last skate night since he moved away last week to central Florida.

Its been a fun but busy month!!!